Thank you for making our SNA Social during the SWOS Board of Visitors a success!

SWOS Board of Visitors
May 3, 2017

The CNSL Junior Shiphandler of the Year Award is presented to LT Benjamin Kozolowski by RDML Piercey.

SNA Members socializing at the Newport Officers Club.

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LCDR Jason Nelson offers instruction to his wife, Sarra as she navigations San Diego Bay on the mobile COVE Simulator.

VADM Rowden (SWO Boss) presents the CNSF Shiphandler of the Year award to LT Benjamin Kozolowski.

CAPT Scott Robertson delivers the introduction for the event pleasantries .

CSNP Junior Shiphandler of the year LTJG Alexander Preston Davis pictured with VADM Thomas Rowden.

Surface Navy Association - Newport Chapter